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Guidelines for the Handling of Personal Data

Consent to Use of Cookies

Users of have given informed consent, based on the information on this website, for Cuisipro and our business partners to use cookies. 

Why Do I Have to Give Consent to Use Cookies?

According to new rules effective as of May 25 2011, all websites must obtain informed consent for the use of cookies and to provide information about how these cookies are used. follows all applicable rules and laws, and that is why we provide clear information about our use of cookies. When you visit, Cuisipro collects personal data relating to you. Below you can read about the data we collect, how we handle this data and who you can contact if you have questions or comments about our guidelines. Please note that you accept our guidelines when you visit and the other website domains that this personal data policy covers. We do not collect information not described in our personal data policy, nor do we collect information that can be identified as relating to you without also informing you of how you can avoid such collection. In general, you should be aware that as an internet user you leave behind electronic tracks and that this enables others to track your traffic on the internet. 

What Information Do We Collect About You?

The information we collect about you can be divided into two categories:
1) Information we can identify as relating to your person
2) Non-personal information  

Personally Identifiable Information

We never collect personally identifiable information without your consent or you having provided the information, for example by registering, purchasing a product or participating in a survey.
Everyone is welcome to visit, but to take full advantage of the all the site’s functions and offers, it is necessary in some cases that you identify yourself.  


In order to receive newsletters from Cuisipro, you must provide your name and e-mail address – otherwise we cannot send the newsletter to you. 


From time to time we conduct questionnaire surveys on the website. The questions vary in nature in these surveys, but you can always choose to participate without providing information about yourself – and participation in the survey is also completely voluntary. Your visit to or your options in the Cuisipro Shop do not depend on your participation in the surveys, but we value your participation greatly, as we conduct the surveys to improve user experiences and to improve
You should never respond to surveys from that do not have a clear and familiar sender address.  

Competitions and Special Offers

We sometimes conduct competitions or make special offers on  in connection with these, we typically request a name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. In order to participate, you may be required to accept that Cuisipro or others may contact you at a later time. This will be clearly stated in the competition/special offer. Participation in competitions and special offers is always voluntary.  

Non-Personal Information

We collect digital information about your visit in different ways at None of this information is traceable to you as a person, but solely to the computer from which you have accessed the website.  


We use cookies at to make your experience on better.  

What are Cookies?

A cookie contains information, such as your computer settings, contents of a shopping cart, internal server data or other data used by our server. A cookie is what ensures that information you have entered about your address, etc. is “remembered” and does not have to be re-entered again during your ordering process. Cookies are not programs that run on your machine, but rather small pieces of text data that are sent back and forth to and from your computer. Cookies are not spyware or viruses.  

The Purpose of Cookies

We also use cookies to improve our online marketing and to increase the user-friendliness of as a natural part of our service and efforts to deliver more products at better prices. All information collected for use in statistics or knowledge about user behavior is handled confidentially by and will never be disclosed to a third party.
We distinguish between cookies that disappear when you close your browser (session cookies) and those that are saved on your computer (persistent cookies). Session cookies disappear when you leave our domain, e.g.
We also distinguish between whether the cookie’s sender is (first-party cookies) or one of our partners (third-party cookies).  

How Do I Choose Not to Accept Cookies?

In most browsers, you can change the settings that control which cookies are stored on your computer.
You can set the security level in your web browser to block cookies, but this will make it very difficult to use most websites.  

Your Acceptance

You accept the above guidelines when you visit Cuisipro's personal data policy also covers the domains that lead users to other Cuisipro websites.   


If you have comments or questions regarding the above guidelines, or questions about our use of cookies, you are welcome to contact Cuisipro.