Kitchen & Cooking Spatulas

What are spatulas?

A spatula is a long, flat, flexible blade that is used to combine, spread, and raise a variety of foods.

Spatulas are typically used to scrape the inside contours of a mixing bowl or to level the top of a dry mixing cup.

The spatula's blade is broad and thin. The blade's shape varies, but the most common are square and rectangular. In most cases, the blade is very flexible. Spatula blades on the right side are typically longer than those on the left since this is more effective for right-handed people. Left-handed spatulas are also available, but they are more uncommon.

Spatulas are usually made of plastic or metal, but they may also be made of wood, rubber, or silicone.

Many forms of cooking require the use of a spatula. When frying foods that must be flipped, they are particularly important. Food may also be served with spatulas. A cooking spatula's blade is often slotted to allow liquids to flow through.

Types of spatulas

Typically spatulas are divided into three types: flippers, spreaders, and scrapers. Each serves a specific function and comes with a variety of options and features. Choosing the right one for the job is half the battle; the other half is choosing which one you prefer.

Flippers/ Turners

A long handle and a broad, thin surface, typically in the form of a trapezoid, make up this spatula. The "saw" can be solid or slotted, and it's around the size of a human hand. To make it easier to slip under foods, the tip is always tapered.

It's used to flip or transform foods like grilled cheese, fried eggs, burgers, and chopped vegetables. A favourite grill spatula is a must-have for any seasoned grill master. Some are thicker or thinner, more or less flexible, have a soft-grip or extra-long handle, or even have a serrated edge for in-pan cutting convenience.


Typically, these spatulas are long and narrow, much like their forefathers (swords.) The versatile blade and rounded head make it a formidable tool for fighting culinary wars, despite being too dull to be useful in a duel.

They’re great for spreading soft toppings like cake icing, cheese spreads, and sandwich condiments, as you would expect. The versatile blade makes it easy to spread toppings without tearing the bread or cake foundation, and the rounded end is great for scooping up the perfect amount of creamy condiment


Rubber-tipped spatulas have a rectangular head with at least one rounded edge perched on the end of a straight handle, which is difficult to describe but easily identifiable. They come in a variety of widths and lengths, as well as a rainbow of vibrant colours that make them seem more appealing than other utensils.

You don’t want to use a rubber spatula on the stovetop because it could melt. In a mixing bowl, it works well for stirring, folding, and scraping cold, wet ingredients. It’s like a squeegee for bakers when it comes to wiping sticky dough off a flat surface.

Before the birth of modern societies, spatulas were seen as ordinary kitchen tools meant to flip and turn the food. As time progressed, the variety of spatulas increased, and their applications increased accordingly.

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