What are Graters and Zesters?

When it comes to cooking details matter a lot. Choosing the right ingredient, the right amount, and size of them, the right tools, temperature and other specificities is what makes your final dish a work of art ready to be appreciated.
When thinking about the essential products in the kitchen to take your cooking experience to a more professional level, one cannot go without high-quality graters and zesters.
But how are these different from one another and what’s their importance? Let’s check the details together!

The difference between zesters and graters:

Both zesters and graters come in different sizes, forms, and materials that all define your final results when cooking.
Typically, they are both similar not only with their functioning but also appearance, hence a lot of people cannot tell their difference and are not able to use them in a current way.
The primary difference between those two comes down to mainly the size of their holes.
A grater has larger holes compared to zesters that cut ingredients into strands. Hence those are great for shredding cheese. Considering this, there are various types of graters including cheese graters, vegetable graters, and more.
Also, keep in mind that a grater will cut deeper into the product getting the oil and the juice of it, making your final dish more flavoured.
On the other hand, zesting is a more moderate type of grating, not as rough as a grater. Hence it will get only the small shaving of your ingredients, and the outer skin of fruits, vegetables, or any other ingredient you are using for your meal.

Elegant design ensuring a smooth experience

When cooking is considered another form of art, its tools should be properly chosen and considered. The design, style, type, material, and all the other details of your kitchenware matter when it comes to giving freedom to your imagination in the kitchen.

Cuisipro is happy to be your best guide in professional cooking, providing you with a wide range of high-quality, affordable, and stylish zesters and graters that are ensured to serve your kitchen for a long time.

The Box Grater that you always dreamed of

What can be better than a multifunctional product that enables you to experiment with cooking and use your imagination more often?

The box grater is one of such products. It has 4 sides that enable you to grate products in various ways and sizes. Each side has different-sized holes to give you a variety of shredding options.

It’s the perfect grater for creative cooks enabling them to play around with the sides and choose the perfect one for their meal. One of the primary benefits of our offered box graters is also the fact that the sides are really sharp, making them easy and comfortable to use.

Cheese Grater

For all the cheese lovers out there, the good news is that there are specific graters and zesters for different types of cheese. The products we offer for cheese are both high quality and easy to use.

We have multiple options made of stainless steel that ensure their long-lasting experience and high quality. Moreover, thanks to their unique designs our graters and zesters are comfortable for the hand to grab. Make sure to check our wide range of products and choose the one perfect for your kitchen.

Plastic and Stainless still varieties

We highly value all of our customers and make their comfort our priority. Hence, we offer products that are made of different materials and come in different sizes and forms, to match your specific needs.

We are also happy to offer products that come with special plastic covers that make them easy to store in graters and zester.

Our products are also easily washable, and dishwasher safe.

High-quality Graters and Zesters

Are you freshening up your kitchen or simply moving to a new one and need high-quality new kitchenware? We are here to help in any case.

Your kitchen cannot properly function without essential cooking products like zester and graters.

We are happy to offer you an outstanding variety of graters and zesters that will help you give your kitchen a more professional feel, with their high-quality materials, easy-to-use designs, and well-thought functionality.