Chopping Boards

No kitchen is complete without a quality cutting board. It is an essential tool that is heavily used by families on a daily basis.

If you take cooking seriously, then you need a cutting board that is sturdy, safe for food preparation, and reliable. That is where Hardwood Lumber Company comes in. We offer a variety of wood cutting boards to improve any kitchen.

Before making a purchase, it’s important to know important features and details about wood cutting boards. Here are a few benefits to be aware of.

The usefulness of Cutting boards

Durable and Reliable: One of the most noticeable benefits of wood cutting boards is their durability. Wood, especially butcher block, is known to be able to withstand heavy daily use. With proper attention and maintenance, wood can last for years.

This longevity not only makes a wood cutting board a smart financial investment, it makes it a safe tool. When preparing food, especially raw meat, you want a sturdy, reliable surface. This is important to prevent injuries. A wood cutting board provides this stability.

Easy to Maintain: Compared to other materials, such as plastic cutting boards, wood is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Because of this, wood cutting boards do not easily contaminate or harbor harmful bacteria.

Cuisipro customers have the option to purchase their cutting board “pre-treated” with mineral oil or natural plant-based oil. This makes your cutting board fully ready for food preparation and dishwasher safe.

Customization: With other cutting board materials, you may be stuck with limited options or one-size-fits-all designs. Not with Hardwood Lumber. We create custom wood cutting boards that meet your individual needs.

Some of the design options you have to include:

  • Juice grooves and finger slots.
  • Customized handle length.
  • Holes for hanging.

Types of Chopping boards

Cuisipro offers a variety of cutting board options to suit any homeowner’s style or preference.
Each of these options provides their own unique characteristics, in terms of style and construction. Regardless of the design, Cuisipro does not compromise on quality. Every cutting board we create is built to look great and perform at the highest level.