Must-Have Tools For a Well-Equipped Kitchen

A kitchen counter, with cooking tools, bakeware, and kitchen cleaning products.

Setting up your first kitchen but aren’t sure where to start? Cuisipro has got you covered. We have curated a selection of indispensable tools to transform your new space into a haven of kitchen delights. From our innovative herb keeper to versatile silicone tools, here is our guide to building a kitchen that is functional, durable, and stylish!


Herb Keeper

Infuse your dishes with the vibrant flavors of fresh herbs using the Cuisipro Herb Keeper. This culinary gem not only stores your herbs, but also extends their lifespan, ensuring you have the perfect ingredients at your fingertips for every meal.





Reusable Bags

Setting up your first kitchen will mean lots of meal prep, takeout, and leftovers. The Cuisipro Reusable Bags will be your go-to solution for storage and on-the-go convenience. Available in various sizes and completely plastic-free, these bags are freezer and dishwasher safe, as well as heat resistant up to 420°F/220°C. If you’re looking to experiment in the kitchen, these bags are also oven, microwave, and sous-vide safe.




A reliable set of bakeware is an important addition to the kitchen, especially if you’re looking to try out new recipes. Our bakeware collection features all the essentials: a muffin pan, a loaf pan, baking sheets, and more. Each piece is extremely durable, constructed from thick carbon steel and two premium layers of non-stick coating, ensuring that your creations effortlessly slide off the surface.


Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

Aspiring kitchen connoisseurs will find the Cuisipro Oil and Vinegar Dispenser a welcome addition to their kitchen arsenal. Featuring a gravity-operated, automatic spout, this dispenser makes pouring sauces, syrups, and dressings easy and mess-free.


Silicone Tools



Setting up your first kitchen can be a hassle, but it’s important to invest in tongs, ladles, whisks, and other tools that will last. The Cuisipro Silicone Tools are the perfect combination of style, functionality and durability, featuring kitchen utensils that are bound to impress and withstand the test of time.


Foam Pump



While cooking tools and accessories are an absolute must-have when setting up your first kitchen, it’s also important that you are properly equipped with the right cleaning tools. The Cuisipro Foam Pump is economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to your traditional dishwashing liquid or hand soap, reducing your soap consumption by up to 75%. As a bonus, our wide array of vibrant colors is sure to complement any décor!


Dish Rack


The Cuisipro Dish Rack is compact and convenient for condos and smaller kitchens. Corrosion-resistant, this set includes a drying mat constructed from water-wicking neoprene and a perforated utensil-holder for drying. Once dry, the entire set rolls up together for neat and tidy storage.


Flex Brush

Cleaning dishes can be a hassle with a traditional hand sponge, particularly when dealing with narrower spaces. Enter the Cuisipro Flex Brush, the perfect tool to clean tough-to-reach areas with its flexible and soft-bristled brush head.


All-Purpose Eco-Cloths



Our All-Purpose Eco-Cloths are practical, durable, and reusable. They will help to make post-cooking cleanups a breeze, with its abundant absorbency (up to 15 times its weight) and quick drying. They’re also great for cleaning up around the house and in the car, leaving a streak and lint-free shine. Say goodbye to wasteful paper towels and hello to the Cuisipro Eco-Cloths!


Fibre Wood Boards with Silicone Feet



A reliable cutting and serving board is essential to your first home kitchen. The Cuisipro Fibre Wood Boards with Silicone Feet are perfect for both cooking prep and serving. Lightweight but durable, these boards are eco-friendly, knife-friendly and heat-resistant up to 350°F/177°C.


This list of kitchen must-haves from Cuisipro is your key to creating a well-equipped kitchen that combines functionality with a touch of elegance. Good luck and make every moment in your new kitchen an experience to remember!