Food. Family. Friends

We believe the table where you eat is also the table where you connect. 

Whether at a family function, an informal gathering with neighbours or an evening spent with the kids, we hope Cuisipro can be part of preparing and serving the food you love. 

Food, family and friends – this is what life is all about.

Our Promise

We design the best kitchen tools possible inspired by our passion for cooking, our love for excellent design and our dedication to making life more enjoyable.

Our Mission

To design and create quality products that bring joy, pleasure and inspiration when preparing, cooking & serving culinary delights.

Our Values

Having a passion & love for food, for cooking and for sharing. Design that attracts your eye. Function that rewards your hand. Quality that endures.

Our Vision

To be the brand that connects people around the art of cooking, entertaining & experiencing enjoyment with family & friends!!

A New Experience of Flavor

Coffee tastes have changed so much that I remember around 2012, introducing a much more acidic coffee into our blend thinking we were going to lead customers into a new experience of flavour, only to be dismayed on day one with customer’s dissatisfaction with a fruitier and more flavourful coffee. Coffee is after all the seed of a fruit. From then on, we began to work at a gradual pace, turning up the brightness a little, season after season. Today we can proudly craft a coffee with notes of lemon meringue, strawberry or passionfruit and find people on all sides of the counter are learning and developing their pallets.

A Global Perspective

Our products are conceived by designers, shaped with input from professional chefs, cooking enthusiasts and the international palates of our global Cuisipro team.

From New York to Nuremberg, from Toronto to Tokyo, from Paris to Portland, from Beijing to Bueno Aires, from Sydney to San Jose; Cuisipro and its community are truly global. Our international perspective keeps us in tune with food trends and changing markets. We use this knowledge to guide our vision, resulting in products that elevate every experience.

Innovation at Cuisipro®


We think about function and style. We design with precision and prototype, test and refine our concepts to bring the best ideas to life. We consider form, materials, maintenance, cleaning and how they all come together to make something truly beautiful.


We believe in our products.Combining high-quality materials with functional design, we create durable products. With high quality workmanship and subjected to our rigorous testing standards, no detail is overlooked.


For more than 20 years, Cuisipro has been the proud recipient of numerous design awards—from the internationally prestigious Reddot Design Award to the International Housewares Design Awards and the Design Plus Award.

A History of Firsts

The first thing you notice when you pick up a Cuisipro tool is how good it feels and how great it looks. Then you quickly discover how well it works. Cuisipro tools give you the freedom to cook and prepare food with confidence. The Cuisipro name has been built on an impressive list of "firsts" - new ideas, clever innovations and smart solutions - that have made us the favourite of gourmet cooks worldwide.

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