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  • Cupcake Corer


    The Cupcake Corer creates a perfect hole in the center of the cupcake for filling with icing or hiding edible treasures Details An easy way to make filled cupcakes, the...

  • Offset Spatula


    A favorite of pastry chefs. The offset angle and flexible blade provide exceptional control Details Makes smooth spreading of frosting, icings, fillings and batter Great tool for lifting cookies and...

  • Flexible Bowl Scraper


    The Flexible Bowl Scraper is an indispensable tool for the professional baker Details Unique contoured shape ideal for scraping bowls of any size The straight edge for scraping or icing...

  • Dough Cutter


    The Dough Cutter is an indispensable tool for the professional baker Details Comfortable non-slip handle Batter Bowl Beveled blade easily cuts through hard and soft dough Laser etched measurements on both...

  • Easy Grip Squeeze Bottle with Round Tip


    Easy grip squeeze bottles are easy to use and simple for small hands to fill and decorate cakes, pies and cookies. Perfect in combination with Cuisipro Corer & Flexible Offset...

  • Scoop & Sift Flour Sifter


    Sifting removes lumps and aerates the flour so it can be easily incorporated into batters Details Scoop conveniently scoops flour directly out of bag or canister without using addition utensils...

  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl - Set of 3


    Stylish and highly functional our Cuisipro mixing bowl set is your perfect partner for cooking and baking prep. Details Set includes 3 sizes that can be utilized for a range...

  • Piccolo Baking Set - 4 Piece Set


    Mini tools for precision cooking. Baking set includes Piccolo whisk, grater, solid turner and spatula. Details Whisk: Ergonomic handles are heat & rust-resistant and comfortable to hold Designed & built for...

  • Deluxe Pastry Blender


    This commercial-quality pastry blender combines six sturdy blades and an oversized handle for superior performance when blending butter and shortening into dry ingredients Details “Extended” blades wrap up the sides...

  • Deluxe Batter Bowl


    Our durable, versatile bowl is a measuring cup, mixing bowl or pitcher all-in-one. Perfect for preparing and mixing pancakes, muffins and cake batters. Details A non-slip base allows the bowl...

  • PICCOLO Spatula


    Mini tools for precision cooking and baking Details Heat resistant spatulas for mixing, cooking and serving Will not scratch non-stick cookware Heat resistant to 572ºF/300ºC Ergonomic handle for comfort and...

  • Silicone Spoons


    Heat resistant spoons for mixing, cooking and serving Details Will not scratch non-stick cookware Heat resistant to 575ºF/300ºC Ergonomic handle for left- or right-hand use Will not discolor or absorb...

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